Ocean Dream cama tipo Lounge cubierta

Catamaran Ocean Dream - ready for more joie de vivre?

Experience a wonderful day at sea on our beautiful Ocean Dream catamaran.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of our DayTour Voyage DC45. Enjoy the huge sunbathing areas, relax on the covered lounge bed or take a seat at one of the cosy seats for up to 12 people to enjoy culinary delights.

Our lovingly furnished and decorated Ocean Dream is perfect for enjoying the sea to the full and indulging your senses.

๏ Huge sunbathing areas for sunbathing
๏ Covered lounge bed for chilling out and
๏ cosy seating for up to 12 people for enjoyable feasting

equipped with every comfort:

๏ stand-up paddle boards, snorkelling equipment & various water toys
๏ Cosy cushions & pillows, fluffy towels and warm freshwater showers
๏ Fully equipped kitchen with cooker, fridge, ice box and two large outdoor barbecues
๏ Bluetooth music system with outdoor speakers